Agathos: UX and Website Redesign

Agathos came to us looking to solve three things which were user flow, page design and navigation. They wanted the end-user to be able to demo the product on both mobile and desktop. Part of our challenge was figuring out who exactly the end-user was. The medical field was a little tricky because sometimes you're talking to physicians and other times, executives. Both use different language. 

We researched four different medical tech companies that were closest to Agathos' product. After doing that we met for a discovery & research session and started doing mockups after initial wireframe sketches and a user flow map starting mobile first.

We figured out a way to get users easy access to the DEMO page. If the user wasn't ready to sign up for a demo trial after watching the explainer video, they were easily able to learn more about the product by the click of a button.

Our end result was, an easier user flow from the home page to the demo page with simple, larger navigation and cleaner design.
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