Dugit means "small fishing boat" in Hebrew.

The Problems: 

Expenses for print materials were too high, lack of movement in digital and social media platforms with no targeted messaging, email marketing was lacking. Logo wasn't multi-lingual/functional for local and international use.

What we did: 

We started with the branding. It was simple, but not standing out amongst the many Non-profits in Israel. The organization does street outreach, coffee outreach and humanitarian aid. So we took a look at the tagline they used to explain themselves which was "Reaching out to Israelis with the good news of Messiah". We changed that to "Fishers of Men" which follows Matthew 4:19 "And he said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men”". This ties with the goals of the organization, which primarily is discipleship.

We re-designed the logo to make it bold and be seen. We added Hebrew to the logo since it was being use in Israel and the USA. They executives wanted to keep the vintage vibe of the original logo, so we found a way to incorporate that into the redesign.

Other things we worked on over the time was revamping and redesigning all print materials. We took a printed direct mailer that was being sent out every other month at $1.98 per person to 55 cents per person. The list was over 5,000 people. The savings we provided for them was very clear and they began sending every month.

Video production was another area we helped with. We started creating monthly update videos and a promo video posting on social media.

The website was redesigned since then.

Below you can see some of the work we did to make this organization stand out in the sea of others in Israel. (Left side is the old logo and right side is the rebranded logo)
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