Jews For Jesus: Brand Book & Brand Development

Jews For Jesus is a 40+ year old international organization. It is the largest Jewish Evangelism organization in the world and has branches in the US, Europe, Israel, Russia Ukraine and many more countries.

The problem that needed to be solved: They had so many branches working all over the world and over time, their branding went into all different areas. Every branch was developing their own branding. Not good. So we sat down the executives and went over every single area of the organization to narrow down the what's working, what are the needs, what can we cut out. 

The whole process took about 6 months to develop a solid brand book with language, logo rules, photography guidelines, video guidelines, letterhead and writing, the ethos of the organization and how they represent themselves to the world through every outlet of media.

It was a very great project for everyone involved, helping even the executives understand the process of how they should be operating on all platforms as well as writing about the organization on an international level.​​​​​​​
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