KALA: Branding and Identity

. KALA is an idea; not an organization.

KALA means 'Bride' in Hebrew and serves as a reminder that rather we worship in a Messianic Synagogue or a Church, we are joined to One.

Relationship and dialogue are at the heart of this idea. Jewish and non Jewish followers of Jesus/Yeshua the world over belong to local churches and synagogues.

The Church and the Messianic Jewish Movement are worlds apart in faith expression yet intrinsically connected at their core, bound by the One who authors and sustains faith. 

Intentionality in relationship and dialogue between the Messianic Jewish world and the Church - a bridge if you will; -is the heart and foundation of KALA.

Wherever you are, which ever part of the 'divide' you belong to, the admonishment is that YOU would reach across. Make an effort to connect.

Coffee shop discussions. Visiting one another's places of worship. Small group bible studies. Erev Shabbat Dinners (i.e. Friday.night meals welcoming in the Shabbat). Sunday brunch Strengthening existing relationships and forging new ones.
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