Our Mission.
We are committed to providing affordable, beautiful, and quality products for non-profits or companies. Our desire is to help you succeed and tell meaningful visual stories.
Why Harpoon.
Expression through creativity has a high return of impact. Especially when communicating your personality. We research, concept, and design while helping you communicate clear messaging across the board. Whether it's designing a pitch deck, marketing materials, building your brand, or UX for your website or app etc.; we've got you covered! 
Our clients are anywhere from small to large and are all over the world. So don't be shy.
We love working with nonprofit organizations (WOOP WOOP!). Providing them with the quality and speed they need to grow.
Our Core Values.
We believe in self-expression and building things that make a difference.
We don't take ourselves too seriously (our work, though, is another story).
We are researchers and learners.
We seek adventure.
We believe that everyone has a purpose; we believe in a higher power
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